Oak Creek Homes in California

The Oak Creek Community in Irvine is bounded by Jeffrey Road and Woodbridge to the northwest, the 405 and open space to the southwest, Sand Canyon Road and a commercial district dominated by hospitals to the southeast, and Barranca Parkway and Orange tree to the northeast. Alton Parkway is the main arterial moving traffic through the area. Due to its proximity to the 405, the 5 and 133, it has great access to the surrounding area. Plus, it is 5 minutes from the Irvine Spectrum. Oak Creek is a newer community built in the late 90′s and early 00′s.

One of the features that makes Oak Creek a successful neighborhood is the vibrant “third places” you will find there. A “third place” is a place of public gathering for social and recreational activities. This contrasts with the home and work environments and special purpose public places like grocery stores, restaurants and other businesses. Third places create the sense of place which makes a community identifiable, unique and special to the inhabitants.

The suburban plaza at the shopping complex at Alton and Jeffrey is truly a special “third place.” It is one of the most functional suburban plazas I have ever encountered. It is rarely empty, and the variety of people provides a glimpse into the lives of those who call Oak Creek home.

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