Monkey Sports In Irvine, CA

What I like most about Monkey Sports is that they carry a bigger and better selection of higher quality baseball equipment than most other sporting goods stores. Most other stores are usually stocked with entry level equipment and only offer a very limited supply of competitive grade equipment (if at all). Monkey Sports offers a wide selection of catchers equipment from different manufacturers in many different sizes.

Did You Like Oak Creek? Check Out Another Great City!

This review is focused on UCP’s community park center. I’ve been teaching dance classes at this Community Park for the past 3 years and it’s one of my favorite community park centers to work out of. The facilities are first, built green (eco-friendly), always clean, and the staff is very friendly and helpful. I teach out of the dance room which has hard wood floors, ballet barres, and mirrors (with a state of the art sound system). I always see that the park and playground are filled with kids, and games taking place at the volleyball courts.


Oak Creek In Irvine


The Oak Creek Community in Irvine is bounded by Jeffrey Road and Woodbridge to the northwest, the 405 and open space to the southwest, Sand Canyon Road and a commercial district dominated by hospitals to the southeast, and Barranca Parkway and Orangetree to the northeast. Alton Parkway is the main arterial moving traffic through the area. Due to its proximity to the 405, the 5 and 133, it has great access to the surrounding area. Plus, it is 5 minutes from the Irvine Spectrum. Oak Creek is a newer community built in the late 90′s and early 00′s.

Popular Golf Club

Oak Creek Golf Club is also tied to the heritage of Orange County Golf as part of the original 93,000-acre Irvine Ranch. Once an orange grove, the land was reinterpreted for modern-day use with careful attention to environmental sensitivity and to preserving a trace of the past, and Oak Creek Golf Club opened in 1996.